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September 25 2014


Facebook Mythology

               They can not go against the policy of their group. So most of the times the actual news can not go to a common reader. Social media can spread these news very effectively and very fastly. Social media has also proved to be a very useful way to control the crime rate in the society. The footages of different occasions happening around in the society are posted on the social media. The society gets educated and the effective preventive measures are taken. In this way most of the crimes can be avoided.

               Social media has proved to be of greater help for the marketing officials. They can run a fan page of the company and different brands of the company can be enlisted in that page. Those pages tell about the benefits and try to attract maximum audience by organizing the competition between the consumers. Social media has proved to be a very potent but also very cheap way to present your product in front of  the international community. If your products got the trust of the consumers. Your business can flourish within a few days. On the other hand if you failed to present your products effectively before the audience the negative feedback will arise that will ultimately result in the failure of that product in the market.

               So while doing the social media campaign it must be kept in the mind to promote the positive and the attractive points before the public. Also try best to hide the negative points of the products. You can have the review of your products very easily by analysing the discussions among the consumers and by reading the comments they are putting below your feeds.

                              If you are having little negative feedback from the clients. Then immediately convey their concerns to the higher authorities and ask them to take the effective measures to decrease that negative feedback. This can also be done by providing them the admin support. You need to listen the complains and address them on the page.

               The effectiveness of any thing can be estimated by the number of people that are using that product or following that personality. In the same way to judge the effectiveness of the social media campaign the number of people who are using that product or the number of members who are getting the feeds from your page are of prime importance. At initial phase it is very obvious that you do not have maximum number of people or the audience to convey your message. So under such conditions you can buy facebook likes. This way is very effective in promoting your page. The higher number of members attracts more and more people and they become willing to listen you.

               Try to post video messages of the higher authorities regularly on the social media pages. The help desk is considered to be the face of the company. So the help desk must be very swift and responsive to the clients. The number of the professionals in the help desk determine the capacity of the questions to be undertaken. So to meet the increased number of questions you must increase the capacity of your help desk. Try to recruit the people with effective and excellent communication skills. They can present your products in very effective to the clients and they can also generate a positive feedback from the clients. IF you are a public figure then you must remain in close touch with your followers. You can also buy facebook fans. Always try to remain in touch with your followers.

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Social Media: Alternative Of Marketing?

The present high standards of the information technology have revealed many useful and very helpful gadgets and the techniques. These techniques mainly comprise the use of internet. Internet has brought different parts of the world in close association with each other. You can talk and even watch directly your loved ones by staying the far off side of the universe. You can even talk and share your photos and videos to the people in your circle by just one click. Very fast and effective mode of communication have been developed.

               One very effective and very productive mode of marketing the products is the mode of marketing through social media. Now the question arises what is the social media. The term social media refers to a set of different web sites. These web sites allow the users to create their profiles. These profiles are created in very useful way. The attraction of the profiles depends upon the way in which you have presented yourself before the community.

               The social media is just like a community. Presently there are high standards of the life require but demand higher requirements. These requirements are fulfilled by spending time there. In this way people are not free to spend time with each other. Keeping in mind this requirement the developers have developed the social media sites. These sites after making profiles allow the users to communicate with each other. This communication can be in the form of direct chatting. This can be in the form of calling.  This can even be in the form of live video conferencing.


               The multinational companies having their headquarters in different and remote parts of the world use the facility of social media and these specific sites very effectively . The board of governors can hold meetings just by staying in their offices. The members from around the world are taken up on a single live link. In this way multiple people are engaged in a single video call. The can discuss their problems and can give briefing about their progress. They can also discuss the challenges they are facing in their activities. On the same hand they can also put up their input towards the formulation of the policy.


               You can keep in touch with your friends. By logging in to your profile you can see what is happening around you. What your friends are doing in their daily life. You can also give information to your friends about your activities. Just take a picture of any event you are attending or you are about going. Along with the picture update your status and post it on your wall. This status update is conveyed to all of your friends located in any part of the world.

The social media has proved to be a very good and effective method of obtaining the information and also to obtain news. All major publications and the newspapers also have their social media pages. They put forward their daily editions online. So you do not need to purchase the newspapers and other books. You simply can log in to your profile and visit the pages of your favorite papers. Social media has proved to be a very useful way of obtaining the independent and the unbiased news. Because the national T V channels also have their shortcomings.


Business And Facebook Fans Theory

 The industrialist and the manufacturers always seek chances and opportunities to promote their businesses. The success of the business depends upon the demand of the products. If the demand is high. Then the rate of production will increase. This will add the revenue of that particular company. With increased revenue the higher and decision making authorities try to avail more and more resources. These resources provide more and more exposure of the products to the international community.


               The exposure of the products is mainly dependant upon the marketing of the products. Marketing is done in such a way to highlight the prospects or the benefits of the products. While on the same hand the negative points if present must be masked by the powerful presentation. The success of any marketing campaign depends upon the presentation. If the presentation is done in effective way then the opportunities and the chances of success increase rapidly. The presentation should be in such way mainly the graphical way that it should convey maximum information in minimum time. The observer just by looking to the slides can pick up maximum information. The information must be presented in captivating way. Marketing is a comprehensive and very useful subject of the study.

               Different institutes are providing very good and experimental study regarding marketing. Masters in business administration covers most of the part of presentation and marketing skills. The success of any company is determined by the marketing of that company. During the course of study the students are taught the basic concepts and the theoretical background of the subject matter. The students are assigned with the projects to create and utilize the unique ideas coming in their minds. These ideas often prove to be very productive. The teachers mix up their ideas with the ideas produced by the students. In this way a unique creation with attractive theme is produced.


               After completing the course of study. The graduates are exposed to the practical projects. These students are hired by different institutes and organizations. Their main task is to improve the sales of that particular business. This business is improved, in fact sales of that business is improved by doing effective and positive marketing campaigns. The whole marketing campaign being run at a particular time mainly is based upon a central idea or the theme. This theme or idea covers one very basic part or the offer. This offer is decided by the decision making authorities of that company.


               After the formulation of the main idea. The marketing techniques which will be used afterwards are decided by the professional. The team of the professionals is always headed by the experienced members. This team also constitutes the young and fresh graduates. The experience of the senior members actually the leaders of the technique always proves to be very beneficial. But on the same hand the energy and the the fresh ideas of the young graduates also carry a positive impulse towards the success of the business. The young graduates are given the chances and the opportunities to give their input. Most of the times their inputs prove to be very useful in formulating and upgradation of the policies.

               Formulating the main idea and the other fine details of the project. It is decided which means will be adopted for the effective publicity. The available means include the print media. The digital media. Put up ads in the news papers. To put up effective publicity in the T V channels. One thing that must be kept in the mind is that. During booking of the timing for the publicity campaign at the electronic media the timing must be considered. Either it should be the weekends because on the weekends maximum number of people use to be watching the TV. On the other hand if it is to be done on the daily basis. Then it must be displayed at the prime time. The prime time refers to the timing at which maximum number of people are watching the programme.

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